Surprisingly not all coats and accessories are made the same way. We try harder because we don’t just want to make a sale, we want to make a friend. We start with the view that good is OK but best is better. We strive to design, from the word go, something that will give you pleasure and make you feel better for buying a John Partridge product. We are a `manufacture` brand- we believe our ethics stem from how we make things. What we do is real; we aim to satisfy as many people as we can, without compromising what we do. We try hard to offer our products across a wide price range. Not everyone `gets` John Partridge- and that is how it should be.
What goes into a John Partridge ?

Wherever possible we use locally sourced fabrics and accessories. We use British waxed cotton- the cotton comes from Egypt, but the treating and waxing is done here. This does not necessarily make the coat better but our suppliers have been doing it for over 130 years so we know they know the difference.

Studs are made by hand- we have no choice but to use the best in the World- and that means Japan, but only the best will do.

We choose fabrics that are the very best of their kind- for example in our little knitwear studio we don`t use cashmere- those Scottish experts are better at that than us, but we do use the finest Merino, Shetland and British wools. It is surely better to buy the best you can afford, rather than some cheap, ersatz, version of the real thing?

The market is flooded with cheap cashmere. Now either there are an awful lot more cashmere goats now than a few years ago, or what you are buying is a poor imitation. In our view, buy the best you can- it won’t ever let you down.

Pure luxury, as defined by Coco Chanel, is not the opposite of poverty, it is the opposite of vulgarity.

The love and care comes from within.


Who makes John Partridge?

We have a loyal team of hand workers, they care about their work and our brand. They care about our customers.

Of course we use sewing machines but the skills required to make a John Partridge are developed over a lifetime. We are proud to have possibly the finest workshop in England.

However once a product leaves us it is up to you to give it maximum life- treat it to an occasional service- do it yourself, you will enjoy it and you will do it better than anyone else. If you need advice contact us on

There are no old JP jackets- just ones looking for a new life.