1969- Summer of Love John Partridge started life as Land Owner- a range of simple, yet elegant country wear that was sold through farm stores alongside the existing range of farmer`s fertilisers. The range was designed to offer a clear alternative to the main brand, Barbour, and was soon established as the alternative to more common products. This picture was taken in a field at the back of our manufacture unit. 
1970`s- The decade that taste forgot We missed out on that one. The range grew through the 70`s with the addition of tweed and tartans- the manufacturing was always in Staffordshire and we were often asked to produce ranges for other Staffordshire brands such as Belstaff. In the early 70`s we produced the original Puffa design before it moved to East Anglia. 

Extra wide shoulders, and extra wide city types in London-The 80`s saw the introduction of luxury additions such as Viyella linings and leather collars. As well as making John Partridge for ourselves, and selected Royal persons, we were also by now making for Mulberry, Paul Smith, Liberty and Johnsons of Elgin. 

1990`s- The calm before the storm In London as we open in Harrods. By now the brand is well established as being for those `who know and appreciate the difference`. Our London store is open on Dover Street- before it became popular- and thus too expensive for us- Victoria Beckham now occupies our old Dover Street site. We are now looking for a `posh` location, without the price tag- customers who want John Partridge will always seek us out. Still making for others- including Burberry. The Cotswolds- all over the Cotswolds- we really loved it, before it got a bit overrun. 
2000`s- The storm where all the city types thought they really were Masters of the Universe- so long as someone else pays- the inevitable happened and John Partridge suffered alongside many other British manufacturers. We remember clearly our bank manager telling us that Head Office had decreed that there was no future for manufacturing in our glorious isles- so they took away our cash banking facilities. We were lucky then that our friends helped us to keep going and making our coats in Staffordshire, although we lost almost all our workforce. Back where we started in the fields near our manufacture unit. 
2010`s- The internet revolution. If we are honest we have been a bit slow out of the blocks- maybe it’s the slow broadband in part of the backwoods but we never seemed to get the hang of it. Well now we have bright young things doing stuff so maybe we will get it going better now. Back in full production and as of 2015 making a complete range of products. We have added hand poured candles, bespoke furniture, doggy stuff, and next year we will add even more. Exciting times- I think it was Mao who said that- but I think it was a euphemism for trouble ahead- we will keep you informed. Off to the coast- as always looking for somewhere bit different- in the North Norfolk area.