for those who do not know is in the centre of England. We are in the heart of the country. Staffordshire is home to the Potteries, founded by amongst others Josiah Wedgwood and Josiah Spode, and luminaries such as Izaak Walton and Samuel Johnson. Arnold Bennett was born in Staffordshire and is probably more famous now for his omelette than his writing. Izaak Walton wrote the Compleat Angler- a consideration of the pleasures of country life, and in particular coarse fishing (he was not a good fly fisher) and John Partridge is as much about the joys of British country life as any brand. Staffordshire is known as the Creative County- the designer of the Spitfire, RJ Mitchell was born here and Staffordshire originally was home to The Black Country- the heart of the British Industrial Revolution. John Partridge has always been based here- it suits us, a nice mix of rural and industrial inventiveness. We design all our products here, and try to make all our products here, but of course in a global world this is hard, but we always try to add at least some value to imported products with our designs and hand finishing. As old fashioned as we appear we try to be at the edge of both clothing technology and methods of production- we gave up on dark satanic mills some time ago.